DR KAY CLINIC is one of the leading aesthetic centres in London, United Kingdom; dedicated to the practice of aesthetic medicine and surgery. Over the past 10 years, DR KAY CLINIC has distinguished itself for clinical and technical excellence. We are located in the heart of London at the prestigious 48 Harley Street.


DR KAY CLINIC is designed to provide the highest level of safety, privacy, and convenience for its clients. We have the track record of applying the latest validated technologies for skin, hair, and body. We have gathered a team of dedicated professionals to provide the best possible quality care and individual attention. We team up with you to restore your beauty and achieve your desired appearance.


We recognise that how you look is important to how you feel, and by improving your appearance we can give you the confidence to lead a more fulfilling life, personal and professional.

Why To Choose Us?

When it comes to choosing the right practitioner for any treatment on your face or body, there are so many factors to consider. As well as the treatments available, the equipment used, the price and the recovery time, above all you need to be sure that you have chosen a senior doctor with skill, experience and qualifications in their chosen field.

Qualified Experts

Our team of trained and dynamic experts cover an extensive variety of techniques and procedures to bring you the best aesthetic outcome. We hold monthly scientific meetings to always keep ourselves updated with the latest guidelines and treatments.

World-Class Service

With our customised services, you will find the best plan of treatments tailored specifically for you, to help you rediscover being comfortable in your own skin. We are committed to do our utmost best to protect our patients safety at all times.

Cutting Edge Technologies

From cutting-edge EVAMATIC technology for Liposuction entirely under local anaesthesia to the use of stem cells in regenerative medicine, our clinic features the best in new technologies, and our clinicians are highly trained in using the right tools.

Scalable Treatments

You may have a single session of one treatment, or you may have a few. But our plans and services are designed to scale to meet your needs no matter what the circumstances. We design your treatment plan with your cooperation.

Affordable Options

With the ability to scale treatments also comes the ability to chunk your plan into more manageable pieces to ensure it's sustainable for you financially.

London Based

Dr Kay is a registered name in London, United Kingdom. Our clinic is easily accessible by car and public transport, with pay & display parking for all customers.

I am now writing these words to verbalise my gratitude to Dr Kay for his outstanding expertise. In my opinion, he is really a gifted surgeon with an amazing eye for subtle, yet impressive results. I am very pleased with the liposuction of my double chin which has amazingly changed my neck and jaw contour. I returned to work 3 days after surgery with no pain at all! Thanks ever so much for everything.
Radhika S
My experience with Dr. Kay is very much worth it. Be prepared for instant results. Also, be prepared to feel amazing about yourself! Dr. Kay took care of everything for me including before treatment information and advice, also post liposuction consultation. All the questions are being answered before the treatment and very well explained. I didn’t have any pain during the procedure and after. I had the procedure done in June and after 3 months I am more than pleased with the results! Definitely recommend Dr. Kay’s Clinic! I will be back for another procedure for sure!
Roberta R
I had been researching Liposuction for years but never met anyone who made me feel confident and comfortable enough to go ahead with the procedure. From our very first meeting I knew Dr Kay was the right person for me and has been profession & informative yet compassionate & caring thorough out my entire journey. As for the procedure and the results all I can say is “Wow” and “I wished I had done this years ago”. It’s been life changing for me with minimal pain and far better results than I ever thought I would get. I would highly recommend Dr Kay and not leaving it as long as I did.
Kerry K
”First of all special thanks to Dr Arash Khademi and his team, they have been absolutely fantastic. I'm Very pleased with the outcome of my liposuction procedure at the London Liposuction Clinic. I will be recommending this clinic to family and friends for sure and I would recommend London Liposuction Clinic to anyone looking to have any kind of Liposuction surgery.”
Abbas Zarafshan
Abbas Zarafshan

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A comprehensive patient oriented aesthetic centre committed to providing superb patient care. Our targets are to improve our clients’ sense of confidence, personal fulfilment, and quality of life.

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