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CosmeticsProfhilo – A New Style of Wrinkle Injection

Profhilo – A New Style of Wrinkle Injection

Profhilo is a new type of wrinkle injection that treats the cause of wrinkles. The treatment is available at health + aesthetics, administered by Dr Rekha Tailor.

The science behind

Profhilo is a natural hyaluronic acid that doesn’t contain butanediol diglycidyl ether (BDDE) which is a synthetic chemical in dermal fillers. Over the years, BDDE is safe when used in fillers, however, Profhilo doesn’t contain this chemical and is free from additives and impurities. This means it may appeal to clients wary of having injections that contain synthetic chemicals. As the product is a balanced hyaluronic acid, it offers greater safety and a reduced risk of side-effects compared to injectable wrinkle treatments that contain synthetic chemicals.

With age, this meshwork slowly loses its strength. With weakness in the underlying support structure, the skin’s surface no longer has its baby-skin smoothness.

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