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"Transforming your beauty & empowering your confidence!"

DR KAY CLINIC is a CQC registered and regulated clinic in London, United Kingdom; dedicated to providing safety and high quality care. Over the past 10 years, have distinguished ourselves for clinical and technical excellence.

DR KAY CLINIC is designed to provide the highest level of safety, privacy, and convenience for the clients. We have the track record of applying the latest validated technologies for skin, hair, face and body. We have gathered a team of dedicated professionals to provide the best possible quality care and individual attention. We team up with you to restore your natural beauty and achieve your desired appearance.

Why to have treatments at “DR KAY CLINIC”?

1. Your clinical evaluation and treatment is performed by DR KAY who is a certified “TOP DOCTOR“, international trainer in aesthetic medicine & surgery, GMC registered doctor in the UK with 25+ years of clinical, academic, management, and leadership experience.

2. We provide a VIP, world-class, and patient-oriented aesthetic treatments to achieve what you need.

3. We are committed to provide superb patient care by combining the latest science and technology in aesthetic medicine and surgery.

4. Our targets are to improve our clients sense of confidence, personal fulfillment, and quality of life.

5. We provide state-of-the-art aesthetic modalities for “Hair, Skin, Face and Body.”

I visited Dr Kay for first time and he gave me exceptional treatments .Very good advice for Zein Obagi skin care. I already booked my next treatment as I trust him %100. He is very knowledgeable and friendly. Highly recommend if you want to keep your natural beauty. Thank you Dr Kay!
Dr Kay is just brilliant! I have seen him several times now for Botox and facial filler. The results have been amazing and very natural (which is always my main goal). He really listened to what I wanted and answered all of my questions. He explained what the products are made of and made me feel really safe and in good hands. I really trust him and couldn’t recommend him enough!
Dr Kay is undoubtedly the most experienced and calm cosmetic doctor I’ve had. He explains everything and is very knowledgeable due to his medical background. If you feel nervous about procedures generally, I urge you to trust Dr Kay as he makes you feel at ease and results are also brilliant! Thank you!
First of all, special thanks to Dr Arash Khademi and his team, they have been absolutely fantastic. I'm very pleased with the outcome of my liposuction procedure at Dr Kay Clinic. I will be recommending this clinic to family and friends for sure and I would recommend Dr Kay Clinic to anyone looking to have Liposuction surgery.
My experience with Dr Kay is very much worth it. Be prepared for instant results. Also, be prepared to feel amazing about yourself! Dr Kay took care of everything for me including before treatment information and advice, also post liposuction consultation. All the questions are being answered before the treatment and very well explained. I didn’t have any pain during the procedure and after. I had the procedure done in June and after 3 months I am more than pleased with the results! Definitely recommend Dr Kay Clinic! I will be back for another procedure for sure!


It’s easy to book your consultation with us in the way that suits you best. 

A comprehensive patient oriented aesthetic centre committed to providing superb patient care. Our targets are to improve our clients’ sense of confidence, personal fulfilment, and quality of life.

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